As a child, I read, drew, painted, and played the flute. I spent a lot of time outside. My mother took me to see art exhibits and live performances. I majored in Art History. Art led me to do what I do.


Being an Event Planner

The last thing that ever crossed my mind was to become an event planner. Very young, in love and searching for my "calling," I found a great position as a concierge at a five-star hotel. I was quickly advanced to Club Concierge in charge of our VIP guests. That is where I fell in love with crafting peoples' experiences. It was as a concierge when I met the bride who would become my very first client.

Lost art of entertaining

All of the women in my family excel at entertaining. Setting a beautiful, proper table was just what I grew up with. I believe that etiquette is a way to care for another person, to honor them.



I am an experience expert, I understand moments and feelings. I read people to understand what is important to them to craft an experience that is an extension of who they are and where they are in their lives.

Anticipation is half the fun

Being engaged is one of life’s most exciting times. It’s all about you. Everyone is thrilled for you. We give clients the opportunity to celebrate and savor every moment of being engaged and the anticipation of the wedding to come.


Timeless Experiences

Champagne always tastes good. A linen napkin always feels best. Garden roses are always beautiful. We create experiences that are timeless. Classic is always current.

Constant opportunity to outdo myself

I love the challenge of the "impossible" and the "has never been done before." My gratification comes from exceeding others' — and my own — expectations.


In terms of the human experience

What we do is a big deal. It’s a tremendous responsibility and honor to shape how peoples' memories will go down in their history. Weddings are how families are built.

Celebration is essential

No matter what the event: wedding, anniversary party, bat mitzvah, birthday party, it is essential to enjoy the planning process every step of the way. The planning process is a part of the celebration and the experiences we share become a part of the wonderful memories.


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